Sonare Art Office

Sonare Art Office welcomes you to our website. The aim of the company is to offer a wide range of management services for classical music artists. The company has been involved in planning, producing and promoting concerts, musical events and music festivals. The company has invited various international artists including conductors, soloists and singers and has represented them throughout Japan.

Takeshi Kakehashi's new CD Album on sale on 21st Oct.
"Wolfgang David & Takeshi Kakehashi Duo Recital 2018" Wolfgang David(Vn), Takeshi Kakehashi(Pf) SONARE1046 ¥2,400(TAX excluded)

Takeshi Kakehashi's new CD Album on sale on 21st Sep.
"Encore!" Wolfgang David(Vn), Takeshi Kakehashi(Pf) SONARE1045 ¥2,400(TAX excluded)

Shin-ichiro Kimura's new CD Album on sale on 1st September.
"Beyond the Blue Sky" Shin-ichiro Kimura(Gt) SONARE1044 ¥2,400(TAX excluded)


Hamao Fujiwara Violin Recital 2020
20.Feb.20(Thu) at 19:00 Kioi Hall

Tokyo Kreis Ensemble Beethoven250 Vol.1
31.May.20(Sun) at 14:00 Hakuju Hall