Japanese Language Course

Sonare Art Office also provides Japanese Language Courses for people who are working in Japan and their first language is not Japanese.

In order to provide lessons, which match the needs of our clients we carry out a consultation before deciding the method and the context of the course. The class can be arranged as one-to-one or with a small group of people.

Method of Teaching  ・Direct method using primarily Japanese
・Using English as mediation
Context  For a short-term stay
・Learn the basic Japanese & frequently used phrases (Survival Japanese)
・Learn the useful knowledge about Japanese customs

For a long-term stay
・Learn the basic Japanese & more communicative nuances for various occasions
・Learn Japanese for business use (How to write emails etc)
・Preparation for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
Level  All levels - from beginner to advanced
Instructors  Our instructors are all professional and are experienced in teaching Japanese to people from abroad.
Inquiry  Naoko Kaneko